Monday, March 30, 2009

Inside Pato’s Home

The third episode of ‘On the road with Galvão” will feature Alexandre Pato. The show will be aired this Sunday on Brazilian TV so most of us will miss out but hopefully we can get a clip for this site.

In an interview with Galvão Bueno, The Duck talks about his romance with Stefany Brito and shows exclusive photos of the couple. He also opens the doors to his Milan apartment in an area where he shares with most of his Milan team mates. Pato reveals more then ten players that live in the area and I bet you they get together everynight for a game of FIFA.

Pato also talks about his childhood and publicly thanks the doctor that cured him from the dangerous tumor in his neck.

Milan’s Wonderkid Pato: ” We will be back to the Champions League Next Year”

It seems that the champions league has become an obsession rather than just a desire for Pato. He has declared that he wants to lift Milan back to the top of the world. The Brazilian Wonder kid, who has scored 12 goals this season, is touted to be the next big thing in football. It’s easy to see why he’s rated that highly when one looks at the brilliant performances he has done this year.

Interviewed by the Gazzetta, Pato talked about Milan’s Situation, his fellow teammates, his role model, and Milan’s long rival Inter Milan.

The interview with Pato started with the reporter telling Pato that Milan’s upcoming games against Siena isn’t hard and isn’t vital for qualifying for the champions league, however Pato thought otherwise and had this to say about the subject: ” You’re wrong, te trip to Siena is really important for us and we are ready to win against Siena backing our win against Atalanta. The important thing is to not look at the mistakes; we should hold our heads up high and look into the future.”

When asked about Milan’s season and how does he rate his performance for this year, he said the following:” Milan’s season wasn’t good, we got kicked out of the Scudetto race, Coppa Italia, and the Uefa Cup”. We suffered a lot this season, especially against teams like Torino, Genoa and Lecce. We should have been more vital and determined in front of the goal, especially me. About his performance: “I leave the ratings for you. I have 12 goals this season in the league; I try to give the best performance possible.

Talking about his role model, Ronaldo, Pato was delighted that Ronaldo came back to his scoring ways: ” I was in front of the tv and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m really glad for him since he really suffered a lot and totally deserved this.”. The reported tried to put Pato in a critical situation when he[Reporter] told him[Pato] that Ronaldo was overweight, Pato’s response came quick and smart: If he is in this weight and he’s scoring imagine how he would be when he is in his best physical shape. Ronaldo is a role model for me, he suffered a lot of serious injuries but always came back; it’s something hard to believe.” Pato added the following about Ronaldo and Brazil: Ronaldo gave a lot to Brazil, but I do believe he can still give more. In Brazil there are several special players, but Ronaldo is a phenomenon.”

The reporter asked Pato about Milan’s goals, who were quite big at the beginning, but now have slimmed down to a Champions League Spot: ” Milan has won a lot, the fans and the critics are used to seeing Milan win which is a normal thing, but we will be back to the Champions League and we’re going there to win it all; in a nutshell we have to open a new round.”

About the champions league exit of the Italian club, Pato’s answer was direct and easy: “The English teams that faced the Italian teams are stronger, that’s the explanation of the matter.” Pato then continued his interview first talking about Balotteli’s condition after the Manchester United loss, saying:” I heard he was really disappointed.” He then talked about the much controversial “Special One”: He talked to me after the derby, for me he seems to be a good guy, but I dont know…”

Pato then said that either Barcelona or Manchester United will win the champions league, he also said that Barcelona are great, performance wise, but he prefers Real Madrid.

He then talked about his 4 teammates: Kaka’, Inzaghi, Ronaldinho, and Beckham:

About Kaka’, Pato said: “I run with the ball really fast, but Kaka’ runs really fast with the ball stuck to his feet, he really impresses me.”

Then, Pato spoke about Inzaghi, saying:” You should always study Inzaghi’s moves in the penalty area, he’s stronger than ever, and I need to learn to take eveyr ball in the penalty zone like Pippo.”

About Ronaldinho: “There’s no secret but you have to know when to move when the ball is in Dinho’s possession, when he’s got the ball you have to be in the right place at the right time; he also helps me a lot.”

Then Pato spoke a little about Becks: “His set pieces are really dangerous and he knows how to pass the ball always, also his crossed balls that turn in front of the strikers’ heads are awesome.”

The reporter than told Pato that: They say in addition to being good in the field you have to be also strong driving your car, Pato answered: I always respect the speed limits, but I did get a fine one time.” The reporter was quick to ask what that ticket was: In the parking space I was an idiot, I left the car at the airport and when I came back the car had been taken by the police; I’ve became better now.”

The interview was coming to an end when the reporter asked Pato about his message to the Milan Fans: “I can’t help but thank them, we haven’t been alright lately but they have always been with us which is really important. I repeat we will go back to the Champions League next year and after that next season we will do our best to win everything.” The reporter asked if those achievements would be with Carlo or someone else, Pato answered:” You’re Kidding? Yes, with Ancelotti. There’s no better coach out there”.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alexandre Pato is better than Mario Balotelli says Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti has hit back at claims that Milan do not develop their younger players and for having a squad that is too old to compete against top class teams. Well I must agree that Milan is too old when you think about players like the Puma and most of the players in the Milan defense. However, Milan do have a lot of young talent and one of them is Alexandre Pato who at only 19 years old has already become an important player for Milan. Pato has netted 17 goals for Milan this season and the coach believes that he has the best young talent on his team.

“Well, there is no one player around like Pato,” Ancelotti told Corierre dello Sport. When asked about “Mario Balotelli?” No. He is not even like Pato,” reponded the coach

Carlo Ancelotti has been in a constant verbal banter with Inter’s coach Jose Mourinho and I don’t think the recent comments will help with their relationship but who can blame Ancelotti for telling the truth.

Even Mourinho is not a fan of Balotelli and there has been speculation that Super Mario will be sold in the summer.

“Mario is not indolent. He is a nice lad, but I don’t like what he is bringing to the team right now and how he works during the week. It is not laziness, but nor is it the right attitude for a young player who wants to make his mark,” said Jose.

“This is an important club and he has to change his approach, because there are so many talents here and a Coach has to be honest and give the chances to those who deserve them,” he added.

Well we’re not too sure if Jose Mourinho will be with Inter next season as the ‘Special One’ has stated that he will only stay if they get rid of the players over 30.

“With four more over 30s I wouldn’t stay here but with four top players I would accept the challenge,” said the former Chelsea boss.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pato and Brazil team arrive in Rio de Janiero

Pato and the rest of the Brazilian team arrived in Rio de Janiero where they will be training at the Granja Comary training centre. The team will face Ecuador and Peru in the World Cup qualifiers over the next few days. Hopefully Dunga will give Pato more game time unlike he did earlier in the year when Brazil faced Italy at the Emirates, Pato was only given six minutes when he came on for Adriano at the end of game.

The choice should be simple for Dunga as Pato has already netted 17 goals this season, which is more than any other striker in the Selecao. However, Pato is not concerned about his position in the starting line-up and knows that his hard work will pay off.

“I am very quiet with my position in the Selecao. I am enjoying the work that I’m doing in Milan and with that I can win a chance here in the Selecao. We have great players in attack and they’re all here to do their best for the team. We know the importance of wearing the shirt of the Selecao,” said Pato.

Pato is the youngest player in the Selecao at only 19 years old but has already played alongside the best such as Ronaldo, Kaka and Ronaldinho.

“I am only 19 years old but I am working with players who are among the best in the world. I’m doing my job and have learnt a lot in Europe. I live almost six hours a day with players who are my idols,” added Pato.

Despite his friendship with Kaka and Ronaldinho who are also in the Selecao, Pato has pointed out that Emerson has helped him a lot at Milan

“He (Emerson) is a very important person to me. He helped me a lot, did many things for me. I am very grateful to him. He teachers me to work hard and to do my best in training. He teaches me to take advantage of my speed, which is what I have to better. He helps me a lot, gives me advice. And takes a little pressure off me,” said Pato.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Draw VS Napoli

Alexandre Pato has failed to bring AC Milan win againts Napoli because he hasn't scores a goal

Saturday, March 21, 2009

About Pato

Full name: Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva

D.O.B: 02/09/1989

Place of birth: Pato Branco, Brazil

Height: 1.79 m

Position: Striker

Current Club: AC Milan

Number: 7

Goals this season: 17

Thursday, March 19, 2009

vs Napoli

Alexandre Pato wants to scres goals to bring AC Milan win againts Napoli

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pato says Ronaldo can still play for Brazil

Alexandre Pato is a huge fan of Ronaldo and has been following his idol since his return to football. Ronaldo has already scored two goals in three matches and has been a huge impact on the team after his second goal clinched a win for the Corinthians against Sao Caetano.

“I saw the last performance of it on television,” stated Pato. “I am very happy for him because he suffered several very serious injuries but has always managed to recover and return.” 

He is an incredible person,” added Pato.

Pato also believes that Ronaldo still has a lot to offer and can make a difference in the Selecao. 

“He has already done a lot for the Seleçao, but I think he could still give his contribution,” said Pato on an interview with La Gazzetta Dello Sport. “Brazil have many champions, but there is only one Phenomenon. Ronaldo is an idol and an example for me.”

AC Milan win 5-1 againts Siena

Alexandre Pato and Inzaghi have stepped up for Milan since the absence of Kaka and Ronaldinho due to injury. The pair have scored seven goals in the last two games with Superpippo scoring his 300th for Milan today against Siena.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alexandre Pato has been named on the squad to play in the World Cup Qualifiers

Alexandre Pato has been named in the Brazilian squad to face Ecuador and Peru in the World Cup qualifiers. Kaka and Ronaldinho will also be joining Pato from Milan as Dunga opts for an all Milan attack. 

Here is the full squad list

Keepers: Julio Cesar (Inter, ITA), Doni (Roma, ITA).

Defenders: Maicon (Inter, ITA), Daniel Alves (Barcelona, ESP), Lucio (Bayern Munich, GER), Miranda (Sao Paulo), Thiago Silva (Milan, ITA), Luisao (Benfica, POR), Marcelo (Real Madrid, ESP), Kleber (Internacional).

Midfielders: Gilberto Silva (Panathinaikos, GRE), Josué (Wolfsburg, GER), Anderson (Manchester United, ENG), Felipe Melo (Fiorentina, ITA), Elano (Manchester City, ENG), Julio Baptista (Roma, ITA), Kaka (Milan, ITA), Ronaldinho (Milan, ITA).

Strikers: Robinho (Manchester City, ENG), Alexandre Pato (Milan, ITA), Luis Fabiano (Sevilla, ESP), Adriano (Inter, ITA).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcomes back Ronaldo

Pato has always shown great admiration for Ronaldo and his dream came true when he was able to play alongside his childhood idol in Milan. Ronaldo left the Milan after a serious knee injury put him out of action but last week he returned with the Corinthians in a 2-0 win against Itumbiara.

Last night Ronaldo played his second game since returning from injury against the Corinthians biggest rivals Palmeiras and managed to score an equaliser and his first goal for his new club.

Pato had this to say about his friend and idol Ronaldo on the Milan Channel.

“Ronaldo has been a friend for a while, and I am glad he’s playing once more. I want to see him get back to being the player we all admired,” said Pato.

Pato also spoke about how defenders have become hard on him since he has been consistently scoring goals for Milan.

“Defenders have become harder on me, they have decided not to let me run, but often, they don’t get the ball, they get me!”

“It’s easy to score at Milan, with so many good players who know where to put the ball so I can score,” added Pato.

“I am also learning tricks from [Andriy] Shevchenko and [Pippo] Inzaghi.”

He concluded with a few words on his team-mate David Beckham.

“I would love Beckham to stay,” the 19-year-old stated, “He is a great guy, and not just on the pitch. He has helped me a lot, and when we play together, I know, if I ask him for a pass, he knows where I want the ball.”

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Milan beat Atalanta 3-0

Pippo Inzaghi, Pato, Beckham

Last weeks lost to Sampdoria brought speculation to Ancelotti’s future with the club but the manager has said that he does not fear losing his job and that it is just a bad moment that Milan will get out of soon. Milan have been without there star player Kaka and Ronaldinho and long term injuries to Gatusso and Nesta have also caused them to be absent from the team.

Today Milan came out strong and looked a more motivated team than the previous two matches. Beckham looked sharp from the beginning with his precision passing and it didn’t take long for Milan to take the lead as Jankulovski found Inzaghi who put Milan one up at the 7th minute.

Moments later Valdes appealed for a penalty but the Ref was not having any of it and called play on and with Milan on the attack found Pato who striked the ball from long distance but it was straight at the keeper.

Beckham again was pulling all the strings with a Hollywood performance in front of wife Victoria Beckham. Beckham’s stay till the end of the season with Milan was confirmed on Friday and he looked a lot more commited to the team today as he was everywhere; tackling players, bringing in the long balls, short balls and excellent crosses into the box. One long ball found Pato but Pato was not able to keep is strike down as he sprayed it wide.

Although it was all Milan in the first half Atalanta were very close to equalising but a superb save from Abbiati at the 28th and 34th minute ensured that Milan remained in the lead.

In the second half Milan continued to go through Beckham in the midfield and in the 47th minute Beckham found Inzaghi but he was offside. Then three minutes later Beckham found Pato who could have easily put Milan up by two was denied by the keeper.

Then in the 64th minute an excellent pass from Pato through a bunch of defenders found Inzaghi who put it pass the keeper for his second goal of the day. It didn’t take long for Inzaghi to claim his third for the day as Zambrotta and Jankulovski linked up to help free Zambrotta who dished it off to Inzaghi who had an open goal and made no mistake. The veteran striker claimed his hat-trick and put Milan in a comfortable position for the three points.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pato says if he want to scores goals
againts Atalanta

Friday, March 6, 2009


Full name: Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva

D.O.B: 02/09/1989

Place of birth: Pato Branco, Brazil

Height: 1.79 m

Position: Striker

Current Club: AC Milan

Number: 7

Goals this season: 15

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alexandre Pato cut his hair


                                                                                                  Alexandre Pato cut his hair

Pato scores and Milan win in a friendly against Al Sadd

After Pato expressed his frustration of his goals not doing any good for his team, the team answered his prayers and beat Al Sadd today in a friendly. Pato scored in the 27th minute but Al Sadd then drew 10 minutes later through Mohammed Golam. Luckily for Pato and the team, Antonini quickly responded a minute later with the last goal of the game giving Milan the win and boosting the teams confidence.

Although today was only a friendly it gave Milan a chance to perform without any pressure which is what they might just need before they face Atalanta on Sunday.

Not just scores

Alexandre Pato not just want to scores goals, but he
also want to bring AC Milan win Serie A Italia

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pato is frustration

Alexandre Pato has already scored 15 goals in all competitions this season but he has expressed his frustration with his team not winning despite the amount of goals he has scored.

“My goals aren’t much use, we aren’t winning, and this is what bothers me,” said Pato. 

“Too bad, I’ve already scored 15 goals this season, but many of them have been useless. To get out of this crisis we have to work hard. I am sure Milan will get out of this, and qualify for the next Champions League.” 

“In the first half I was too alone up front, then in the second half with [Filippo] Inzaghi’s entrance it went better.”

Monday, March 2, 2009

AC Milan lose

A troubled Milan found it difficult to overcome a 2-0 deficit after Cassano and Pazzini found the back of the net at the 33rd and 52nd minute respectively.

Pato pulled one back at the 80th minute with a brilliant header from a Favalli cross. The strike helped lift the teams confidence and minutes later a Pirlo free kick was put in by Emerson but the equaliser was cancelled due to Emerson being offside.

The Rossoneri continued to attack but Sampdoria held grimmly and Milan now leave Genoa with no points.

AC Milan lose

A troubled Milan found it difficult to overcome a 2-0 deficit after Cassano and Pazzini found the back of the net at the 33rd and 52nd minute respectively.

Pato pulled one back at the 80th minute with a brilliant header from a Favalli cross. The strike helped lift the teams confidence and minutes later a Pirlo free kick was put in by Emerson but the equaliser was cancelled due to Emerson being offside.

The Rossoneri continued to attack but Sampdoria held grimmly and Milan now leave Genoa with no points.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Alexandre Pato is sad Because AC Milan was lost at UEFA Cup