Friday, January 22, 2010

Pato says that his Milan team-mates want a return to the Selecao

Alexandre Pato has returned home to Brazil to spend the next eight days to receive treatment for his injured thigh. The physiotherapy sessions will occur daily as Pato tries to recover as quick as possible. This is not the first time a Milan player has returned to Brazil for treatment. Ronaldo did this in 2007 and same as Kaka in 2009.

During a press conference that Pato held in Beira-Rio, the main talk was the return of Pato and Ronaldinho to the Selecao.

“We want to return to the Selecao. I, Ronaldinho and Thiago Silva…..everyone wants to return. Ronaldinho is happy, Thiago is very well. We need to unite and bring good results for Milan. Depending on the job at the club, we make our chances. I’m happy at Milan, I want to play again. heal the injury and have a new chance at the Selecao. I prefer to talk about the Selecao when I’m in it,” stated Pato.

It was difficult to avoid the subject, especially as the World Cup is just around the corner.

“Ronaldinho does not surprise me, he has always been number one and is making a major championship. We are happy for him. With what he is doing we have chances to win the Champions League and Serie A. I hope he can help me score goals and return to the Selecao,” said Pato.

Pato has been ruled out of thsi Sunday’s derby against Inter but the new goal is to return for the first leg against Manchester United.

“I want to go 100% but I will not risk it if it still hurts. I want to work enough until the game against Manchester,” explained Pato.

Back at the place where he first started. Pato expresses his love for the people and the club that he was first with when he was only 11 years old.

“I am very happy to be here and have been received by all with open arms, so that I can treat and heal faster. happy to be back where I started, the place that led me to Milan. I am very grateful to Internacional,” expressed Pato.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pato still injured

Alexandre Pato will sit out of tomorrows clash against Siena. Pato suffered a thigh injury just before the game against Genoa on 6th January.

During training yesterday, the problem flared up again and sources have confirmed that he will miss the game tomorrow.

David Beckham has been in place for the injured Pato and tomorrow looks no differen,t as Beckham has been doing exceptionally well since joining Milan this year.